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Slackbox - Control Spotify from Slack

Spotify playlist collaboration through Slack

Here at Benchmark we make no bones about the fact that we love Slack. If you’re not a user and you work in a team (however big or small) then you’re really missing out. Using a service like Slack can make a significant dent in the amount of email you receive and even if you’re working from home, it feels like you’ve never left the studio.

One of Slack’s features which immediately piqued the interest of developers such as ourselves, is custom Slash Commands. Slack already has a lot of built-in slash commands – just hit `/` in the message bar to see a list.

Being lovers of both Slack and Spotify we thought we’d make the office boombox a little more ‘collaborative’. Our idea was to create a playlist in Spotify which could then be updated by using a slash command to first search for a song, and then add to it the playlist ready to play.

After checking out Slack’s list of community integrations (which is now where you can find slackbox among some other nifty integrations for just about anything) we noticed there were already a few Spotify apps but none which did what we needed, so we set aside our lunchtimes to dive in and build this ourselves.

Using Node.js and taking advantage of the excellent spotify-web-api-node NPM package we were able to get this up and running very quickly. We’ve open sourced the code behind it, so feel free to use and improve the app from it’s very humble beginning. You’ll also see full installation instructions; we recommend doing it the simple way and hitting “Deploy to Heroku” which takes advantage of the Heroku platform’s amazingly flexible app-hosting service.

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