Barebones is a WordPress boilerplate theme for rapid development

A lightweight and skeletal boilerplate, Barebones comes packed with powerful features to streamline development, maintenance and scaling of even complex WordPress sites.

Build with Barebones

Write Clean, Optimised Code

True to its name, Barebones is a skeletal theme without any pre-existing styles or bloat. The SASS, JS and PHP file structure is designed to get you up and running swiftly on a new project, saving time on repetitive setup tasks and allowing you to focus on writing custom code in a manageable way.

Simple, Flexible Grid Structure

Our straightforward Simple Grid structure is included within Barebones to allow you to rapidly layout pages. Custom elements such as grid width, gutter size and breakpoints are all declared as SASS variables, allowing you to quickly tailor the layout to the specific needs of the design you’re building from.