Barebones Boilerplate

Barebones WordPress Boilerplate

A Fully Responsive WordPress Boilerplate Template

Barebones is a lightweight and skeletal WordPress boilerplate theme with powerful features to encourage rapid development. Begin creating high quality, fully responsive WordPress websites without the bloat of traditional frameworks and boilerplates. No more stripping back default styles; Barebones provides an intuitive responsive grid structure and minimal best practice styles to help you build better themes, faster.

Optimise Everything

Far more than just a boilerplate theme, Barebones provides powerful task runners to speed up and optimise your development process. Using the power of Laravel Elixir, Barebones compiles your CSS and JS while you work, automatically adding browser-specific prefixes for backwards compatibility. Ready for production? Minify everything and optimise all your theme images with a single command.

Intuitive Scaffolding

Using the highly customisable SASS structure, easily tweak your desired device breakpoints, base colours and fonts for a fully responsive and customised experience. The twelve column grid structure provides an intuitive base for your custom WordPress themes and helps you develop fully responsive websites with confidence and precision.

Open Source WordPress Boilerplate

The code is fully Open Source and available on GitHub. Or visit the Barebones microsite for more information and a straightforward guide to getting started with what we believe is the best way to build WordPress themes.

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