Information Architecture

Great user interface design begins with understanding your audience. Information Architecture allows us to research, analyse and plan to attract and retain your audience.

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The key to great user interface design is understanding the different sets of target users and their respective aims. This knowledge allows us to chart their progress through the site and ensure that the user experience at each stage is an intuitive one.

Guided by data from Google Analytics and other available tools, along with keyword research to determine potential SEO improvements provided by tweaking the structure of the site, we will create a comprehensive set of wireframes to identify key landing pages and action points for users. Our aim is to gradually reduce the number of variables in play at later stages such as design, focussing first on structure and layout, before moving onto colours, fonts and styles.

Keyword Research

At the Keyword Research stage, we look to understand the keywords for which your site is ranking and compare these to those of your competitors but we’ll also look for new opportunities and ways to diversify your content to reach a wider audience.

The end result is a list of target key phrases which the new site should focus on along with some guidance of how to divide those phrases across the site structure, with each page targeting one or more primary search terms.

SEO Analysis tools built into the CMS will help achieve this goal both at launch and as content is tweaked by your internal term into the future.


We use data and conduct comprehensive audits to help you identify and understand potential opportunities for your business.


We design high quality user experiences and deliver stunning visuals to leave a lasting impression on your users and ensure tangible results.


We write clean, high quality code from scratch to deliver reliable digital solutions that will scale with your business.