User Experience

User experience begins with a detailed set of wireframes to plot a user’s journey through your website or application and continues through the design and interaction design stages to deliver a high quality and intuitive experience at all levels.

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Research and understanding

Benchmark has a unique technical-first perspective that allows us to manage the latest technological requirements whilst keeping a keen eye on your business objectives. That means ensuring that whether your solution is a website or bespoke web application, we have the right mix of technical expertise and design experience to balance the requirements of your business with the needs of your users.

Planning and execution

Once we have identified your primary audience, comprehensive research allows us to identify their requirements before designing wireframes and user journeys that help them achieve those goals via the shortest and most intuitive route. Design of any kind is fundamentally problem solving and having a clear picture of your end user helps provide answers to the majority of questions that arise throughout any digital project.


We use data and conduct comprehensive audits to help you identify and understand potential opportunities for your business.


We design high quality user experiences and deliver stunning visuals to leave a lasting impression on your users and ensure tangible results.


We write clean, high quality code from scratch to deliver reliable digital solutions that will scale with your business.