Brand Identity

Whether you’re starting on a new venture or refreshing your existing branding, a brand identity encapsulates how your brand presents itself both online and offline.

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More than just a logo

One of the key outputs of any brand identity work is often the logo itself, though a ‘brand’ encompasses many more elements around the logo itself. The typography and colours developed as part of the brand identity project will provide your business with a visual identity and may be used across online and offline materials.

During our brand identity work, we will iterate through ideas for your brand based upon existing collateral and messaging, along with inspiration that you provide. The brand identity work can often take place in tandem with user experience or information architecture work, as a precursor to the website design where the brand identity is applied to the wireframes to bring your website or application to life.

Digital Style Guide

A brand identity project will typically deliver key assets from a logo to typography and colours, but how do you ensure these are used correctly both now and into the future? A traditional style guide can deliver detailed guidelines on how brand assets should be used across different platforms, with stipulations over spacing, usage and more.

A digital style guide can go further, creating a component library of reusable elements such as headings, buttons, lists, navigation elements and more. Often referred to as a design system, such a comprehensive digital style guide can offer code snippets to ensure developers from across your business create consistent digital interfaces that align with your brand identity.


We use data and conduct comprehensive audits to help you identify and understand potential opportunities for your business.


We design high quality user experiences and deliver stunning visuals to leave a lasting impression on your users and ensure tangible results.


We write clean, high quality code from scratch to deliver reliable digital solutions that will scale with your business.