Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

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One of the key objectives of any website is to rank on the first page of Google but do you know what your customers are searching for? Before any SEO activity can take place, it’s crucial to conduct comprehensive keyword research, providing an insight into the volume of traffic for each of your target phrases as well as the level of competition you might expect to face when climbing up the rankings.

What is good SEO?

Once you know who and what you’re targeting, there are a number of elements that are essential for optimum on-site SEO. This list is by no means comprehensive as the search giants aren’t in a hurry to give away the secret to great rankings, but they’re all aspects under our control that help influence where you appear in search results.

  • Matching URLs to page titles, headers, keywords and metadata throughout the site
  • Targeted pages of content that focus on your more specific (long-tail) keywords
  • XML sitemaps to assist with search engine crawling
  • Pages that feature clean, validated code delivered to an agreed standard
  • Pages that load quickly in the browser with optimised and tagged images
  • Links back from high-ranking websites with the appropriate link text

High quality sites produce results

Search engine bots are smart but they need our help to understand what your site is about so they can position it accordingly. Validated code developed to agreed standards is important because it helps Google’s crawlers not only read the page, but also work out what it’s about. Content should be structured in a clear hierarchy that works in tandem with your page titles, URLs and meta data to deliver targeted pages that are appealing to search engines and useful to visitors.

Page speed is another important factor in determining where you sit within search results. It’s no secret that Google and other search engines favour web pages that load quickly because your users do too, and so we employ a number of techniques to ensure pages are perfectly optimised for speed:

  • Automatic image optimisation techniques
  • Enable browser caching and compression
  • Compressing and ‘minifying’ CSS and JavaScript
  • Additional server level tweaks to increase throughput

Page speed has become an even more important metric for search engine ranking with the advent of mobile devices. Whilst desktop connection speeds become faster and faster, surveys show that the majority of users expect web pages to load almost as quickly or even faster when they’re on a mobile devices, with some only willing to wait for five seconds or less before they bounce.

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